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To unlock the full integration of Salesforce and SharePoint, explore the various use cases Filenize has to offer. These use cases encompass the most frequently requested implementations from our clients. Discover how your business can leverage Filenize to enhance your processes.
Pinning the account folder for the account record.

Managing individual folders for each client and their numerous subfolders can quickly become a cumbersome task, especially as the volume of interactions and stored content grows. From crucial email attachments to product catalogs, quotes, and orders, these folders tend to expand, eventually losing their initial folder hierarchy. Enter Filenize – a solution designed to streamline this process by reintroducing consistency and reducing the administrative overhead required to maintain these folders.

For this specific use case, we will use Salesforce Flow, implementing a record-triggered flow for both the account and opportunity objects. Within each flow, our objective is to associate folders with the triggered records. This ensures that when a user accesses the record, the corresponding folder is automatically displayed. Moreover, we will establish a dynamic structure by creating subfolders that includes opportunities and other relevant folders based on the account's information.
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Don’t worry. Filenize is built in an extendable manner, meaning you can likely translate your ideas into a feasible working process. If you’re unsure how to do that, we can help. Let’s get in contact and discuss the possibilities of Filenize, and if needed, we can also provide a demo and prepare the use case for you.

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We come across many creative use cases and strive to document most of them for others to learn. However, it’s simply too much to document everything, so we limit ourselves to addressing the most frequently asked questions. If you have a complex business case at your company that isn’t covered in the use case list on this page, there’s a good chance you can still implement it the way you want. Visit the features page to learn how you can adapt the features to suit your own use case.

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