With Filenize, we integrate Salesforce and SharePoint, closing the gap between the two platforms. This integration allows users to work in both systems simultaneously. Discover the various features Filenize has to offer; each feature comes with its own in-depth documentation, including limits and considerations.


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Uploading files from Salesforce to SharePoint.

Upload Files Directly Using the Filenize Component

Filenize empowers business capabilities by facilitating easy file uploads within the component. Users can upload files effortlessly through the ‘Browse’ option or via drag-and-drop from their local file system. Filenize intelligently chunks large files, ensuring compatibility with Salesforce’s limitations. This efficient process supports the smooth integration of extensive files into your Salesforce and SharePoint workflows.

Automate File Upload using Salesforce Flows

Filenize enhances efficiency and maximizes business value by seamlessly automating the process of uploading Salesforce Content Documents, Content Versions, and Attachments to SharePoint. Our platform offers a suite of advanced features that streamline this data transfer, empowering your team to focus on strategic tasks while ensuring a smooth and organized integration between Salesforce and SharePoint.

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Pinning folders to Salesforce records.


Uploading files from Salesforce to SharePoint.

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