Salesforce to SharePoint integration to centralize document management and enhance collaboration.

The integration between Salesforce and SharePoint is finally here.

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Salesforce Sharepoint

Filenize integrates SharePoint with Salesforce and brings order in chaos through its automated folder set-up.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually configuring folder structures, sharing with dynamic team members, and maintaining metadata. Working in two applications is now a thing of the past. Experience a powerful integration by accessing, updating, and creating relevant SharePoint folders directly within Salesforce. Elevate your productivity with a significant boost by automating your workflow through Salesforce Flows.
Salesforce SharePoint

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To unlock the full integration of Salesforce and SharePoint, explore the various use cases Filenize has to offer. These use cases encompass the most frequently requested implementations from our clients. Discover how your business can leverage Filenize to enhance your processes. Click now to unleash the full potential of our Salesforce to SharePoint Integration.
Key features

Key features at a glance

Easy file access

Access all relevant files per Salesforce record at a glance. Filenize provides direct access to all your centralized SharePoint folders.

Automate folder set-up via Flow

Move on from the hassle of manually setting up an organized folder structure and work smarter.  The integration with Salesforce Flow lets you set up an automated workflow in just a few clicks.

Locate files based on Metadata

Not finding a file because you can’t remember the file name will become history. You can save Salesforce info as metadata on both file and folder levels in SharePoint to enhance findability.

Everything you need on one screen

Work directly in Salesforce topped off with the functionality of SharePoint. Constantly switching screens becomes a thing of the past. Hello, efficiency!

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